Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Lie of the Tiger

You can sum up damage control straightforwardly.

When you dig yourself in a hole - the first thing you do is stop digging.

Or if you’re Tiger Woods - know the difference between a sand trap and quicksand.

Tiger Woods is damage control gone wrong.

I have a friend who covers the PGA for news organizations.

A few years back, when everyone was talking up Tiger as the world’s greatest golfer - and a fine role model, he told me that if word got out on what he was really like - he’d be toast - and wouldn’t know how to handle it.

When Tiger turned 21, Charles Pierce did a piece on him in GQ that touched upon his penchant for hot babes and dirty jokes.

Following the GQ piece he refused to do informal interviews, claiming that he couldn’t understand “tabloid scrutiny.”

When your 21 and single and you can pick and choose from a bevy of golf groupie babes. You’re a kid. It’s expected.

You don’t know Jack if you think Arnold, Gary, Tom, Lee, Bobby, Ben, and Sam didn’t partake in the spoils of the links back in their early days, too.

Sports? Come on. That’s where the real toned and slim babes are. Even rock stars fantasize on sports sluts.

In the fifties, when it was an honor and privilege to cover national politics, Sen. John F. Kennedy had an understanding that reporters would refuse to even tell their closest friends outside the business about the bevy of beauties he was bedding.

For over a decade, Tiger knew that the PGA would permanently bounce and blacklist any reporter who’d dare tell Tiger tales.

But there comes a time.

Tiger, you’re 33. You’re married with two young children. For their sake, if not your own, you should know better than do flaunt your groupies, especially when they’re down a few notches or two from a decade ago.

Tiger, come on. You’re doing hostesses and waitresses from casinos, strip joints, pancake restaurants - and two porn stars? Tiger, you’re slumming in rock star regions! Maybe you prefer your groupies pierced?

You can’t blame Tiger for succumbing to the fantasy that he could get away with these trysts but, in the end, what happened in Vegas didn’t stay in Vegas. Or New York. Or Atlanta. Or Newport Beach. Or Bay Hill.

If I had an endorsement deal with Tiger I’d demand a refund. Here’s Tiger projected to surpass $12 billion in career earnings next year - 90 percent of that from endorsements - and he’s throwing Ambien - the prescription drug for insomnia - a freebie?

Number two of eleven - and counting - mistress Rachel Uchitel told the press that Tiger turned her on to sex on Ambien. “You know, you have crazier sex on Ambien,” she said. “You get into that Ambien haze.”

Want to bet against Tiger selling more Ambien than Nikes in the past twenty-four hours? Didn’t think so.

How many guys called their doctors this morning for an Ambien script?

Chances are calamity started with Tiger’s wife Elin sensing the scent of other women - and ended with a damage report covering everything from a fire hydrant to her marriage.

Tiger may be one of the greatest golfers in the history of the game but a member of the 32819 zip code chapter of Mensa he’s not. You don’t call one of your eleven back door honeys and leave a voice mail saying, "My wife went through my phone and may be calling you....."

Who’s responsible for this admission impossible? Whoever talked Tiger into that “transgressions” line should be off the payroll. You don’t admit to something ambiguously - then run and hide - and, worse, cancel an appearance at your own tournament!

Now, and for the foreseeable future Tiger will be smack dab center in our public consciousness. What his handlers have to worry about is that he doesn’t end up on a lower stem that feeds off Entertainment Tonight and E! where hyperbole is shoveled out by the ton.

How about Tiger Woods, Steven Tyler, David Letterman, and David Duchovny doing a togetherness PSA for sex addiction?

Nearly everyone in radio at one time or another will be faced with crisis management and damage control. It comes with the territory.

My advice? Come clean, tell the truth and be transparent. If you’re not you’ll be hunted like Tiger - and the incident will spin out of control.

Either that or blame it on the Prophet System.


Anonymous said...

Speaking of damage control how is CBS going to handle news of the firing of Chris "Paulie Walnuts" Maduri? He ran those stations into ruin. Where do you start. It was he not Herschell that lost Rover. He hired Mud for 6 figures & had been responsible for every move on that NCX morning show. Revenue sucks. Was it unsold inventory or was there no room after the Petiti trade ran. Come to think of it. How is Chris going to landscape the estate in Aurora? Wonder if CBS found the wedding trade he ran through the dummy Embrescia company. You talk about Tiger Woods, Gorman. He's nothing. You should have wrote about CBS instead.

Anonymous said...

Moonves wants to lighten the load of radio. Cleveland has to be on the list of stations to pawn off. They are worth more now with Chris "suck the money out of it" Maduri gone. That man had his own private money printing press with more trade scams than anyone since the Embrescia days. I wonder who the next market manager will be. They will not give it to Herschell. He gets the Rover blame even tho it was Maduri who blocked his raise so he could pay Mud.

Anonymous said...

Shit! Nothing about Bob Struble!

Anonymous said...

"Shit! Nothing about Bob Struble!"

Actually, word at some Radio-Info posts that iBiquity had a huge layoff. Mr. "Booble Rubel" may now be referred to as Mr. "Mom". "Now, little Jennifer, I'll teach you to be just like Daddy, but only a better liar, but probably not as good at sweet-talkin'."

Anonymous said...

There are many radio stations that could learn from Tiger's p.r. mistakes. Your suggestions are absolutely right. All too often stations try to cloak problems instead of facing them. Good piece John.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Clear Channel have some flooded country festival with one of their stations? I vaguely remember reading about it. They basically told their listeners to go to hell and were not responsible for the weather. I think Clear Channel is one of the worst companies when it comes to damage control. They just don't care and let you know that. We let them know that we don't care about them either and will not listen.

Anonymous said...

Gorman, I love this one. You made better sense of the whole issue than most. Love the Ambien line. I bet the singles bars will have Ambien dealers hanging out at them. Viagra is so Bob Dole.

Anonymous said...

I want to thank everyone at CBS for rallying together a while back, many of you through this blog, to once and for all rid the market of that virus known as Christopher Maduri. There are few radio managers who were more manipulative and evil that he was. He hid behind pretending to be a Jehovah's Witness while he treated people miserably except for his family and immediate circle. Speaking of family. I guess Aerial will be giving up that list. What happens to the Lockeepers trade now. Can others beside Chris and his daughter use it now?

Anonymous said...

Radio handles damage control poorly. Much of it has to do with so many fingerprints on any decision made to combat a problem that the solutions often create even more problems. Radio could learn from Tiger Woods' debacle. As Don Henley once sang, "Come clean, you know what I mean."

Anonymous said...

Chris Maduri is the perfect example of damage control done right. After running the cluster like a family business and hiring his daughters, cousins (and paying Joe Restifo more than some of his top talent) and assorted friends and doing questionable (were they on the books?) trade w/another Maduri buddy Tommy Embrescia. I don't think Petiti was landscaping Maduri's Auroa manse for free. It's too bad that Chris didn't get to trade one more big "Godfather" party before CBS got wise to his scams. He will probably do some deal with the Embrescia brothers and live off the cash he stuffs in Italian import shoe boxes in his basement.

Anonymous said...

The CBS Cleveland radio comments are right on. How will CBS Radio handle the damage control of Chris Maduri to its staff and its clients? There are plenty of clients that are furious as they learn of the deals certain clients got at the expense of others because of off the books trade and other deals for "friends and family" which is what Christopher called it. Tom Hershell is getting some blame in circles for decisions made by Maduri. Rover is one of them. WKRK is another. As someone who has bought time on the CBS Radio cluster in Cleveland I would want to know who is running the place in the future. Maybe it needs a management input from somewhere other than Cleveland.

Anonymous said...

How about six figures and a car on top of moving expenses for Wynn Rosenberg? (Mud) How could Chris Maduri justify that. He paid Mud far more than the two established Cleveland personalities that were co-hosting the show and doing all the work. Chris hired Mud because he used to play every one of his father's disco records when he was PD of Disco 108 WDMT. That maybe a latest payola payment ever made. What I want to know is was Mud still being paid after he was let go? That is for the CBS bookkeepers to figure out as they go through their maze at the Cleveland cluster. There is one way for CBS radio to save time & money in trying to figure out where the money went. Call Tom Embrescia. He knows more about the CBS Cluster books than even Maduri does. Who do you think has been advising him?

Anonymous said...

Has anyone noticed that there has not been a single Tiger Woods endorsement commercial on television since the "incident"?

Anonymous said...

when i read the les moonves quote about getting rid of some radio stations and hear about the toxic atmosphere and cooked books at their cluster in cleveland i have to believe that that market will have one of the first 'fire sales' for cbs radio stations. how much can a radio station be worth in cleveland ohio. i do not mean to put cleveland down. obviously a lot of you read this & gorman is from there too. what i am saying is that it is a depressed market, hit harder than most by the recession and radio station values will continue to fall. it is in cbs's best interests to cut their losses in markets they cannot be successful in. they did it in upstate new york when their economy turned bad. cleveland is now as bad as buffalo & rochester was back when cbs sold their stations there.

Anonymous said...

This is in AD AGE.COM today.

When it comes to Tiger, even non-news is news these days. Media outlets exploded this afternoon with word that Gatorade would be dropping the Tiger Focus line of beverages. Some even portrayed the company as being the first of Tiger Woods corporate sponsors to take a stand in response to his bad behavior. Only problem is that the company had been planning to discontinue the line well before the golf phenom's car crash and extramarital affairs became tabloid fodder.

"As reported last month, we decided several months ago to discontinue Gatorade Tiger Focus, along with some other products to make room for our planned series of innovative products in 2010," the company said in a statement.

Now, we're all for being skeptical, especially when it comes to massive companies with products to shill and reputations to protect. But as the company points out, this is old news. Beverage Digest published a report noting the line would be dropped on Nov. 25, two days before Tiger Woods crashed his Cadillac Escalade. John Sicher, editor and publisher of Beverage Digest, says he reported the story the week of Nov. 9, well before the National Enquirer ran with its account of Mr. Woods' alleged affair.

And the discontinuation of the line should come as no surprise, given that volume was down 34% in the first 10 months of this year, according to Beverage Digest figures. The line also went through a reformulation, cutting the calories, earlier this year, though that doesn't seem to have helped sales.

"The line extension has not been doing that well. It was an interesting attempt, but it didn't work out that well," Mr. Sicher said. "Gatorade has a huge number of new products they're introducing next year and will be dropping some [products] to make room for the new products in coolers and on shelves."

Gatorade Tiger, introduced in March 2008, was touted as a means to promote mental focus and included 25% more electrolytes than Gatorade Thirst Quencher. A comprehensive marketing campaign behind the launch included a TV spot that featured Mr. Woods in an astronaut suit. Earlier this year the line was reformulated as Tiger Focus, cutting the calories to half what is in Thirst Quencher.

Mr. Sicher's report also included a statement from an unnamed PepsiCo executive saying that the company plans to utilize Mr. Woods "more broadly" across its line in 2010. Surely, the media fracas around the line discontinuation will give the brand valuable feedback on how it should use the star moving forward. If Mr. Woods fails to appear in Gatorade marketing in the coming year, as the company has indicated he will, then, that will be news.

Anonymous said...

A word to the wise at CBS Radio. Those who are using on line computers to send comments about the management change in Cleveland take heed. The company already has key stroke monitoring in place. It was added during the last round of comments following one of Ghorman's blogs about the Cleveland cluster. Please don't use company computers to comment. You are being tracked. Both Radio Lane & the Halle Building are monitored. Do it on your on time from your own computer. Your Facebook pages are also being viewed so do not make any comments on that site either.

Anonymous said...

We have eleven mistresses. Do I hear 12? 13? You know this shit is not going to end. Tiger stepped in it knee deep and he's sinking fast.

Anonymous said...

DAMN YOU, GORMAN! Why did you headline this LIE OF THE TIGER? Now I cannot get that f--king song out of my head.

Anonymous said...

Is it true that Chris Maduri was on safari (trade?) in Africa when he got the news CBS fired him? I have heard two stories. One that he was tipped off and that he is claiming that he was not exactly on safari but at a religious retreat. I could believe the second only if he is their money counter.

Anonymous said...

He found out while on safari in Africa? I lovvvvvve it! Well deserved for the way he treated others.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you guys and girls at One Radio Lane and the Halle Building. If you think your problems are over with Maduri gone THINK AGAIN! You still have Tom Herschell. Just because he isnt going to hire his family doesnt mean hes a good manager. He is just as political and coniving as Maduri was and maybe even worse. He wants to make a name for himself with CBS and get the hell out of Cleveland so he is going to downsize and make life miserable for anyone he doesnt want around. Unless CBS hires someone else and its doubtful because they dont plan to keep these stations in Cleveland you will be stuck with a guy who is out to prove to his corporate superiors that he can run the cluster far more efficiently than Maduri. You know what that means. Bring out the musical chairs. Bill Louis didnt buy that much time believe me.

Anonymous said...

Arrrgh. Me too. I never wanted to hear that song again. Eye of the Tiger. I saw that headline too. Lie of the Tiger. Cute but now I can't get that song outta my head either. Shit. That was the one song I couldnt stand when Kid Leo of WMMS played it time and time again because of Rocky. He must have thought he looked like Stallone. He did, he looked like Stallone with a beer gut.

Anonymous said...

From Bloomberg:

Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Reports that Tiger Woods has engaged in extramarital affairs prompted a U.S. lawmaker to end his campaign to award the golfer a congressional medal.

“In light of the recent developments surrounding Tiger Woods and his family, I will not pursue legislation awarding him the Congressional Gold Medal this session,” Democratic Representative Joe Baca of California said today in an e-mailed statement.

Baca, 62, introduced the measure in March to recognize Woods’s efforts at “promoting excellence and good sportsmanship.” The bill, similar to those Baca has introduced in each of the last six congressional sessions, failed to attract any cosponsors this year.

Woods’s image has suffered following a Nov. 27 car accident outside his Windermere, Florida, home and subsequent reports he cheated on his wife.

Advertisements featuring Woods, 33, the world’s top-ranked golfer, have disappeared from prime-time commercial television. Purchase, New York-based PepsiCo Inc. discontinued its line of Gatorade sports drinks named for Woods. The company said it had decided to drop the beverage months ago.

Baca, first elected to the House in 1999, represents a district that includes much of the city of San Bernardino.

Anonymous said...

"Love the Ambien line. I bet the singles bars will have Ambien dealers hanging out at them."

"slept well but got off the redeye with lingering ambien effects. dont remember the drive home much. auditioning for the kennedy clan..."


What a coincidence! Bob Struble love Ambien, too!

Anonymous said...

Here's whose jobs are at risk:

Bill Louis - Program director in name only after Bob Neumann left for WMMS. Had Stern and that's what kept numbers up plus the 11 AM hour for Louis. As Alan Fee tells it Louis had to find out the hard way that you can't say you're a program director when you have no say and are told to nod your head at everything Popovich says. Like Fee says Louis found out what a program director does after Stern's departure and failed immediately. Took a major pay cut earlier this year and was walking on eggs all last week before the PPMs. He knows it's over.

Dave Jockers - Twenty years in the business and he's making $30K. Pitiful. Ass kisser deluxe and he's going to find out that his time at WNCX is the only time he'll ever spend in radio. Seriously disliked by every one in sales. He will not be missed. Arrogant mooch. He's Rick Allen without a voice.

Scott Fiske Miller - Strong ally of Maduri and pushed out of WDOK after he went on a destructive rampage (seriously)against Robin Benzle. H & R heard about it, Robin left and Miller was shown the door soon after. We cannot sell the absolute worst morning show ever in Cleveland. Look at the numbers. Jockers has a hand in that, too.

Jeff Blanchard - Don't deal with him much. Seems like a nice guy, but he just got hooked up with the wrong people. They won't keep him if Fiske Miller is gone.

Tom Herschel - He may be laughing now but CBS will likely bring in someone from out of town with an axe to cut away dead wood. The Rover fiasco stained his name. Not liked by the ad community.

Anonymous said...

I came across another Bloomberg on Tiger Woods. This one says his extra marital affairs have little effect on his endorsements.

Dec. 9 (Bloomberg) -- Most consumers are ignoring reports of Tiger Woods’s extramarital affairs when it comes to deciding whether to buy goods the golfer endorses, according to a poll.

Ninety-one percent of those surveyed said Woods’s self- described transgressions made no difference in their decisions, while 8 percent they were less likely to buy products he promotes, the Marist College Institute for Public Opinion said in a statement on its Web site today.

The top-ranked golfer’s standing with the public plunged after reports of infidelity following a Nov. 27 car accident outside his home near Orlando, Florida. Woods’s place among celebrity endorsers fell to 24th from 6th, according to the Davie Brown Index, which is used to gauge the ability of personalities to influence shoppers.

Almost 7 in 10 respondents in the Marist poll said Woods should deal with the events privately. Twenty-five percent said he should talk about the situation publicly; six percent said they were unsure.

Woods, 33, has endorsement agreements with Accenture Plc, Nike Inc., PepsiCo Inc.’s Gatorade, watchmaker Tag Heuer International SA, video-game company Electronic Arts Inc. and Procter & Gamble Co.’s Gillette. None has said they’ve changed their marketing.

Mark Steinberg, Woods’s agent, and Glenn Greenspan, a spokesman, didn’t respond to phone messages and e-mails seeking comment.

The golfer makes $110 million annually from endorsements and tournaments, Forbes magazine has estimated. Woods ranked as the world’s fourth-highest-paid celebrity in the 12 months through June 30, the magazine said. In October, he became the first athlete to top $1 billion in career earnings.

The Poughkeepsie, New York-based institute surveyed 1,034 U.S. residents by telephone on Dec. 2, 3 and 7. The poll has a margin of error of plus or minus three percentage points.

To contact the reporter on this story: Tian Huang in New York at thuang57@bloomberg.net.

Anonymous said...

What is Chris Maduri's favorite song?

"We Are Family"

What is Chris Maduri's family's least favorite song?

"Gone Gone Gone"

Anonymous said...

Dave Jockers is the backbone of WNCX

Anonymous said...

Ambien?? Right! The Ambien defense! "I hit that hydrant because I was zonked on Ambien, officer!" The stuff apparently is well known for inducing sleepwalking and other bizarre semi-conscious behavior. If Tiger had really been smart, he would have thrown Ambien's makers under the bus before the babe stuff hit the fan. That's damage control!

Anonymous said...

Want to thank Jockers for checking in once again. Hey Jockers, how are you the backbone? How are you earning your $30K a year? How are you supporting a family? What makes you think you are the backbone? Why does the sales department think you're an arrogant egotistical no-talent?

Anonymous said...

My favorite was Chris Maduri going to clients with Aerial and NOT introducing her as his daughter (he used her married name, Cesario). He got away with it until one client he called on said to them, "You two look so much alike". This was after he took away some nice accounts from other salespeople and gave them to Aerial. Good father, bad manager. Good riddance.

Anonymous said...

For the first time in a decade you can now work for CBS and be treated fairly EVEN IF YOUR SURNAME DOES NOT END IN A VOWEL or YOU HAVE A MCVAY CONNECTION.

Anonymous said...

What was going on at the CBS cluster in Cleveland was no secret. Everyone in Clevealnd media knew about it. Why did it take so long for CBS corporate to take action? You have two kinds of people that work here. Those that fear for losing their jobs no matter how hard they work and those that knew they had a job for life because they were in tight with Chris Maduri or his family. Those stories have been all over the net for years, long before the Gorman blog picked up on the 30% salary cuts. Maduri must have had someone in CBS NY covering his ass.

Anonymous said...

Tommy, Don't touch the WNCX morning show. It's going to be big, huge, whamo numbers. Any day now. Hahahahahahahahahahahahahhaha!

Anonymous said...

What is all this negativity about Chris Maduri? The poor man just lost a job he has held for over ten years. He piloted CBS radio through some of the most difficult and challenging times. He has kept a live staff in place where other stations employ voice tracking. The man has always been a real gentleman to me. He can look you in the eye and be totally honest. How many other radio managers can you say that about? Of course my name ends in a vowel and I have slept with Skippy so I guess I do deserve special attention. Over & out.

Anonymous said...

Don't you have to sleep with the red headed stepchild too?

Anonymous said...

Come on. This is about Tiger Woods not Chris Maduri whoever he is. You people in Cleveland are pathetic.Whoever this joker is he is gone. Okay? Why are you still beating the guy up? You radio guys have turned into a bunch of simpletons blaming each other for your own pathetic problems. No wonder no one listens to the radio anymore. You are the people running it. While youre at it. Go Browns, Go Indians. You know your winners.

Anonymous said...

I remember when Scott Miller went ballistic on Robin. The guy is not playing with a full deck. Who was the genius that put an AC guy on a classic rock morning show with an unfunny comic anyway? Let me rephrase that. Who "suggested" it and who will get the blame for its failure. Finger pointing has to be the number one sport in the Halle Building. Anytime someone complains about Clear Channel I just point them to CBS Radio in Cleveland, the most f--ed up radio cluster.

Anonymous said...

From the January issue of Golf Digest with Tiger Woods and Barack Obama on the cover:

"Woods is a good role model ... because he has always been able to pull himself together after setbacks. Woods never does anything that would make himself look ridiculous."

Anonymous said...

Did you hear that Chris Maduri ran into Chris Forgy in the unemployement line? Chris Maduri told Forgy, "Can you believe it? I got screwed by my own employees. They turned me in." Forgy said back, "I was screwing my employees and they turned me in."

Anonymous said...

"Me and my girlfriends did a bachelor party for Tiger and it was amazing. He picked me to go into the room. I have to say he was really good."
- Holly Sampson, porn star

Anonymous said...

i heard georgie porgy forgy was tasting the help. it wuz true?

Anonymous said...

"Why are you still beating the guy up?"

Because he freakin' deserves it, MORON!!! Who are you, his freakin' mama?

Swami Warmi said...

regarding what happens next. my take.

popovich - depends on who the manager is. dok is ok. q104 is pure dogshit. it doesnt take a genius to do hot ac. the format should be doing better. its no wdvd. a wise manager will see thru popovich & send him packing & get a new pd to clean the mess. do it before he becomes fig newton on you if you know what i mean.

louis - retire him. he will retire comfortably. been with the company going back 2 owners. he has been there, done that. does the same show every day. he lost his pd job, took a 30% paycut. whats left?

jockers - hard worker no matter what anyone says. cbs doesnt care about someone who times music to the minute & pays strict attention to the daily music logs to manually perfects them. a nice guy working for a company that doesnt care. gone.

michael stanley - only reason he had a job was chris maduri who is related to mike belkin who manages stanley. no maduri, no stanley. stanley sounds like he hates being on the air anyway. thank god for the man who painted the exit signs at the radio station.

wilde & fee - survivors. someone put a muzzle on wilde. blabbermouth. think before you speak. a new pd could turn it around if wilde can be contolled.

tim richards - has to be sleeping with skippy. when did cleveland put mansfield ohio talent on the radio?

jen toohey - a promising talent ruined by skippy who turned her into an annoying marlo thomas voiced teenybopper. fuck her boyfriend and her chihuahua & who taylor swift is dating. she should be a bleach blonde. if jen is lucky she will get out of the market & reinvent herself as the air personality she was when she first joined q104 pre-skippy.

nancy alden - retire. same show every day. also sounds tired. going through the motions. lady in red is dead. skippy ruined her too. at least she got a petitis trade out of it.

desaray - please. was she related to maduri too? a toy collie barking for five hours is more soothing.

terry moir - the worst voice on cleveland radio. she breaks glass with her screeching voice. maduri hired her as a favor to brooke spectorsky. y is a vowel & thats no joke.

herschell - no one likes him, trusts him or wants him to get maduri's job. whether he stays or goes depends on how well he sucks up to skip in new york.


q104 - a real manager will get a pd to clean up the mess. the right format, the wrong execution.

ncx - its a half assed classic rock format. depends on how classic does in other ppm markets.

krk - automated alternative? please. cbs needs to cut costs. they will keep it as is.

dok - no change other than personnel. format is fine.

the swami has predicted.

The Sha-Sha-Sha-Shadow knows is back Hahahahaha said...

ILMFAO over Pauly getting his walnuts crushed. You f--ed me over. Now eat s--t and die, motherf--ker....We will miss your Italian shoes...the ones you bought in Italy.... We will miss your Miami Vice dated wardrobe!!!!!!! Did you know how we laughed behind your back?????????? You shouldve added more gold chains!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Madman-duri exits singing 'we are family, my 2 daughters, cousins other relatives & me.'.....Madd-erri was the ultimate clusterf---ker!!!!!!!!! Hey, what was that phony trade address. What no. St. Clair Blvd. DId CBS find your stashed trade?????????????I lovvvvvvvvve this. OPauly Maduri if you only only knew how much evvverrryone except your family hates you!!!!!!Wait until that pd you hired gets caught in a moral's charge!!!!!YOU hired him!!!!!!!!!It will come back to haunt you like a GHOST. Say hi to Mud. How many months salary did you pay that bloated whale anyways??????????????Booooooooowackadoo!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

OPauly Maduri if you only only knew how much evvverrryone except your family hates you!!!!!!

Hell - His family probably hates him too!

Anonymous said...

You could be right. They would have to actually work for a living which is something they havent had to do.
Being a relative of Christopher Maduri just went from being very good to very bad. They will be unemployable. Their only hope is that Chris's buddy Tommy Embrescia will hire them to sell and promote Sweet Home Ashtabula!

Anonymous said...

Time to put Rick Allen in Afternoon drive on WNCX and Dave Jockers in morning drive on WNCX.

Anonymous said...

We would like to thank Dave Jockers for his contributions in the comments section.

Anonymous said...

someone fill in the blanks on mssr. Forgy tasting the home cookin' Whassup with that anyway?

Anonymous said...

Forgy was a "hands on" general manager would be the polite way to put it. He was really into one certain female announcer. One who rebuffed his advances found herself out of a job.

Anonymous said...

Laugh and joke all you want about Chris Maduri and the rest of those jokers. Cleveland is the new Youngstown. You have a handful of characters squeezing whatever dollars they can out of the market before they take off for better climates. That includes your little Maduri group which includes Belkins, Embreasias and a few other "names" of note that have been dominant in this market. They are making the money and leaving town and you are not.

Anonymous said...

You wonder why clients are not advertising with radio. Some of it has to do with your audience measurement. Much more if it has to do with characters like the ones you mention here. This is what radio has turned into. Used car salesman who don't know how to sell your time. Clearly radio does not have its act together.

Anonymous said...

If I could make a suggestion: There have been some valid points posted here regarding the CBS cluster. John will soon offer us another very insightful essay on the media business and this thread will go dormant. I would suggest this conversation continue on cleveland live / listening party, especially in light of the sweeping changes likely to occur at One Radio Lane and the Halle Building in the coming weeks.

Anonymous said...

Maduri has already landed. Expect an announcement that he will join Mike McVay and Tom Embrescia's new company, McVay Syndication which will provide voice tracking and long form programming for stations so they don't have to hire jocks or even voice talent. The same people going to the same places. Always.

Anonymous said...

Straight talk.

All you mud slinging hypocrits who have the nerve to behead this guy Maduri. Yeah he made some big mistakes, haven't we all. If you spent focused time on being the best you can be at your career, Maduri's poor decisions would have little or no effect on the direction in your life (this will take some real mature self-evaluation). It seems people who play the blame game have taken little or no responsibility for their lot in life, I've seen it countless times.

Chris Maduri got caught up in the world. Regardless if you're a JW, Catholic,Born Again Christian... the world has a magnetic pull that is difficult to break away from. It blinds us and causes great pain. He did not conduct himself as a man who believes in eternity.

The events that led up to Maduri's demise were and are 100% his responsibilty. When these type of changes accur in our lives it provides an opportunity to self- evaluate, pick up and do a better job moving forward.

Anyone who would post -

(ILMFAO over Pauly getting his walnuts crushed. You f--ed me over. Now eat s--t and die, motherf--ker....)

is no one I would want to hire or work with.

So a lesson to all of us, learn by others mistakes, conduct yourself with the upmost character, practice humility and be the best you can be at your career which will provide you the opportunity to work where ever you want.

Anonymous said...

To last anon. comment:

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