Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Radio: Portable people meter eater

And you wonder why there’s a trust issue with the ad community and the radio industry?


It’s bad enough that radio’s not even being considered on some buys. If you really want to drive another nail in the industry’s coffin continue to protest Arbitron’s PPM.

How much clearer I can make it? The party’s over. Wall Street’s not the only entity that has to be accountable to its clients.

Radio, television, newspapers, and direct mail are being deemed variable because new media are capable of providing precise marketing components for its clients.

There’s no ticket to slide. A truckload of hype sheet pie charts about who’s allegedly listening to what doesn’t cut it anymore.

The ad community has tightened its belt a few notches. That means promotion and marketing departments have to incorporate the tools and services that prove most effective to monitor a campaign. It’s all about measuring a campaign from exposure to consumer acquisition.

Say goodbye to non-accountable media spending. Radio dollars for an ad campaign are no longer a given. They haven’t been for awhile. And they won’t be if radio fails to evolve with the times.

If you’re a radio AE – get used to hearing this word. Accountability. Nothing else matters.

You’re up against new media that has the ability to attribute execution to distinct media tracts.

Arbitron diaries just don’t cut it in the 21st Century. Capish?

Diaries are for media mastodons.
I’ve had to live with Arbitron diaries being my report card, my career maker-breaker, and my sole raison d'être for survival in the radio business for my entire adult life.

In the seventies and eighties? No argument. Audience measurement by Arbitron diary was far from flawless – but it was the best of all statistical analysis available to measure radio listening.

Still, I could never visualize active young adults pulling that diary out of their hip pocket and logging into it every time they changed the station on their car radio while crusin’ down the highway.

My stations always rated best in Pulse, Mediastat, Mediatrend, and the other dozen or so phone-retrieval measurement services that are now distant memories.

But clients and agencies bought Arbitron. That’s what I would live or die by and accepted it. We all did.

Let’s be honest. By the nineties we knew the diary was dated. There was this new media contrivance called the Internet.

New technology was in development to provide improved radio ratings measurement – but this industry was as resistant to change and advancement as the village blacksmith was when the car was first introduced.

Now we’re nearly a decade into the 21st Century and we’re living a media new world order. The PPM is the best audience measurement the radio industry has. Accept it.

For those reading this that aren’t in radio business, let me explain. The Arbitron PPM, an acronym for Portable People Meter, is a pager-sized device that detects and records all the radio stations that survey participants hear during the day.

So you may work or shop or visit a location that has a radio station on that isn’t one you’d ever listen to – but while there you are hearing that station’s programming and – most importantly – spots.

To claim the PPM is unfair to minority stations is a frivolous stall tactic that makes the radio industry look bush league and passé.

In Philadelphia and Houston, where the PPM was tested, some stations whose programming appeals to a minority audience showed a decline in listenership compared to the results from estimated Arbitron diary surveys in the same markets.

It’s likely that the stations in question had embellished TSL logged by diary holders that wanted to give props to their favorite station.

It’s also likely that some PPM carriers spent time in places where stations other than their personal favorites were detected from a nearby radio.

I believe a recorded PPM over an estimated diary and I can’t comprehend why anyone wouldn’t want real-time listening over guesstimates.

If a station’s on the losing end in a PPM survey and runs the risk of declining ad revenue – it’s up to the management of that station to what we did when we were measured by diaries and had a down book: fix the problem or change the format. Duh!

New York Atty. General Andrew Cuomo is an idiot and a fool for getting involved and turning this into a legal matter.
Did you hear what he said?

He called the PPM "an affront to racial and ethnic minorities in New York and around the country" and that it "threatens the existence of diversity in radio and muzzles the voices and viewpoints of millions of Americans."

Cuomo’s lucky he didn’t get charged with impersonating Al Sharpton. I think Rev. Al should sue him for plagiarism.

The sooner Cuomo abandons this clanger, the better off the radio industry will be.

Speaking of deception, did you read the latest piece of propaganda from iBiquity and the HD Digital Radio Alliance?

This is one of those occasions when you get a press release you just can't ignore, no matter how much your instincts tell you to hit the delete key and move on.

Will someone please admit Booble, Bilk-o, and Lyin’ Diane to the Betty Ford Clinic for Habitual Liars?

Their new press release reads that: “more than 1.5 million HD Radio chips shipped.”

Chips shipped? Chips – not radios. Once again, iBiquity and the Alliance speak with forked tongue.

History lesson. That’s the same exercise that nearly devastated the record industry in the late seventies.

When the RIAA certified album sales based on shipping instead of tangible sales, major labels began pressing and shipping a million copies of albums they were pushing to claim a platinum award.

For close to six, seven months Billboard and other trades were filled with full-page ads from the labels proclaiming that their albums were being shipped platinum on the first days of its release.

The best one was when Casablanca pressed two million copies of a Cher disco album (during a dry spell when she wasn't having chart hits) just so its president Neil Bogart could factually announce on the Today show the following Monday that her album was certified "double platinum" on the day of its release.

The labels nearly went broke with this practice and frantically leased warehouse space to store their returns. I recall hearing the story about WEA Corp., the distributor of Warner Bros., Elektra, Atlantic Records and their subsidiaries, renting a three-story warehouse in Chicago, near O’Hare, that was filled top-to-bottom with album returns.

The industry joke was albums that were shipped platinum were returned double platinum.

Remember when every retail outlet from a drug store to a discount retailer had cut-out album bins filled with these d.o.a. albums for a buck apiece? Once the accountants seized control of the labels, the RIAA was forced to base their gold (500,000 copies) and platinum awards (1 million) based on sales (via bar codes) - not shipping.

The same practice applies here. Shipping chips to where? A warehouse? I wonder if the Hong Kong shipments were counted with the help of a faulty abacus.


Anonymous said...

"The same practice applies here. Shipping chips to where? A warehouse? I wonder if the Hong Kong shipments were counted with the help of a faulty abacus."

Hasn't iBiquity's investors figured out this PR shit coming from iBiquity?

paul vincent zecchino said...

Young Cuomo states the people meter is an affront? To what? Corruption as usual?

Check out and and Google "Catherine Austin Fitts" for crisp autumn reading which enlightens one as to both the origins of the current financial mess, how much of it originated with HUD funny money, and why young Andy-boy is described as the three - or is it five trillion dollar - man?

Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasota Key, Florida
08 October, 2008

Anonymous said...

Here's a question to consider. Let's say you're a Hispanic radio listener whose papers aren't, shall we say, completely in order. But you're a regular radio listener. Would you be willing to wear a PPM, with the possibility that the INS might be able to use it to locate you?

Or say you're African-American. How uncool would it be to wear this thing that looks like a pager? People don't wear pagers any more. It looks more like a tracking device they make you wear when you're on work-release.

Yes we all know diaries are out of date and inaccuracte. But these things aren't the saviors they've been built up to be.

If you hate big corporate radio and Wall Street, you should not be in favor of PPM. Because it's simply a big corporate solution to a very human problem.

Anonymous said...

"If you hate big corporate radio and Wall Street, you should not be in favor of PPM. Because it's simply a big corporate solution to a very human problem."

Why? How?

It is these big corporations and Wall Street that have totally bankrupted radio programming (and shareholders). I would love to see a new (or existing) locally o&o station that isn't playing the "River" or "Bob" or "Kiss" or "Mix" or any other corporate "brand" that can effectively cross formats and appeal to the largest segment of an audience while still maintaining format integrity.

It is the PPM that would validate (or kill) those stations for the approach they take based on accurate data; Not a mom at the kitchen table on Wednesday night filling out all the diaries in the household (with the same pen). What a joke!

Ultimately, the corporations fear that this measuring system will expose the fraud that is their programming "strategy". Again, what a joke!

Anonymous said...

On another subject, John, if Shitadel get's delisted by the NYSE, what happens next? Do they combine shares, making, say four shaares worth one?
Here's the yahoo story about them getting notification from the NYSE:

I feel so bad for those poor folks trying to carve out a living with these clowns.


Anonymous said...

"It is these big corporations and Wall Street that have totally bankrupted radio programming"

And they did it ALL BECAUSE OF RATINGS!!!!!

And who provides those ratings? Arbitron.

Is Arbitron a stock-based company? Yes.

You want to see the connection between big radio and Wall Street? It passes right through the front door of Arbitron.

"Ultimately, the corporations fear that this measuring system will expose the fraud that is their programming "strategy"."

In the markets where it's been used already, it has done the complete opposite.

This system justifies what they do. And that's how Arbitron gets rich. They are NOT in the business of embarrassing their clients. And their clients are big radio corporations.

Anonymous said...

You're against PPM because wearing a pager makes you look uncool? How asinine.

The next person in line will be more than happy to wear a PPM. God didn't decree that you had to be part of the survey process.

Anonymous said...

And what's to prevent these people with the PPMs to just leave them at home next to a radio that's turned on to the station where their friend, family member, etc. might be working? Or a station that they might normally not listen to just to skew the results?

Anonymous said...

John, you explained it well. Radio is being looked at as a medium afraid to confront its own truths and this protesting of the PPM adds to the negative impression advertisers have toward radio. Radio should welcome it as a new tool to pitch advertising with. I agree with you on declines in minority listening. They may not been that high to begin with and not because the stations don't reach their intended target but the fact that radio is listened to less these days overall in the workplace in favor of on-line and ipods.

Thank you for explaining the PPM in a down to earth fashion.

Anonymous said...

If "1.5 million HD radio chips shipped" is a sham figure like albums "shipped platinum", I wonder if "230 million radio listeners every week" is a sham as well?

Anonymous said...

Gorman, right on!

The only radio folks afraid of the PPM are the ones that figured out how to manipulate the diary.

Ad agencies don't believe in diaries especially when on-line can show actual viewing, something radio will never be able to do except via the stream which isn't saleable yet.

Cuomo like Spitzer is just trying to make a name for himself. There is no substance there. His father must hang his head in shame.

Of course, of course you can manipulate PPMs as one poster suggested. You can manipulate anything. Some of the scams will be flagged, a few will get away but it is still a marked improvement over the diaries.

Why Randy Kabriach is trying to be the saviour of the diary is beyond me. Maybe he needs the publicity to jump start his consultanting business. Randy should stick to finding lost hits.

Bottom line. The PPM makes radio more credible. Radio has to get back to paying attention to the product and creating content to sell. One of the worst jobs next to salmon fishing up north has to be trying to sell radio time when there is no product to sell.

Anonymous said...

You neglected to mention that SMs are being forced by their corporate office to hire AEs off the street, provide little or no training, handing them a Yellow Pages and telling them to go out and sell.

There is little attention to detail right down to grooming and social skills. Yet this is what radio is putting on the street to represent the stations.

If the bad programming doesn't get them, their sales staffs will.

How frigging sad it has come to this.

Anonymous said...

I worked for a GSM who always said "Tell the story, paint the picture". It is bad advice because that is not what the client wants to hear. Even long-time clients who we have built up strong relationships with over the years are beginning to ask the hard questions. They are being shown actual detailed analysis data from on line companies and many are beginning to second guess radio. I come up in with good numbers but no qualifications other than the decades old Arbitron diary to back me up. We NEED the PPM and anyone telling you otherwise knows they have problems with their existing formats.

Anonymous said...

>> And what's to prevent these people with the PPMs to just leave them at home next to a radio that's turned on to the station where their friend, family member, etc. might be working? Or a station that they might normally not listen to just to skew the results? <<

And who's to say that a person can't fill out a diary with constant listening to a station where their friend or family member might be working just to skew the results?

The situation you descrie is about corruption and dishonesty and not about data gathering methodology.

Anonymous said...

Shame on Andrew Cuomo.

Race baiting?

We are moving away from that.

Don't stick us in the past.

You don't even speak for us.

If you want to know why the ratings of stations appealling to people of color are down it is for the same reason ALL radio stations ratings are down.


Our stations don't speak for us either. Radio One? Give me a break.

Anonymous said...

John Gorman, This blog should be printed out, passed out and hung up in every radio sales office in America.

If we don't move forward we will be left behind. Our company is among those protesting the Arbitron PPM. I was never asked my opinion and I sell the damn stations.

I welcome anything that can provide my clients more detailed results both good and bad. What makes a great salesperson is the ability to find the silver lining even in the worst of numbers.

Anonymous said...

This was in Crain's this morning: An analyst on Thursday downgraded CBS Corp., citing the media giant's reliance on advertising as ad spending is expected to fall during the economic crisis.

Soleil analyst Laura Martin downgraded CBS to "hold" from "buy" and slashed its 12-month price target to $12 from $30.

She said borrowing costs are going to rise as lenders hike interest rates to re-price risk after years of easy liquidity. CBS face risks in cash flow and debt, she said, and the scenario should get worse next year once earnings estimates are reduced.

The analyst lowered her 2009 revenue estimates for CBS by 10% to $13.6 billion and earnings per share by 12% to $1.76. Analysts polled by Thomson Reuters were expecting profit of $1.84 per share on revenue of $14.7 billion, on average.

Ms. Martin said profit forecasts of ad-driven companies will be marked down more severely than the typical Standard & Poor's 500 company because of higher fixed costs.

Anonymous said...

Look, hear me out here. ANYTHING ANYTHING ANYTHING can be manipulated. On-line had its own problems with bogus click-thrus that radio tv & newspapers were quick to point out. Sure some joker could stick a PPM next to a radio his cousin works and manipulate the data BUT THAT IS BUILT IN TO THE SYSTEM. Everything is subject to the limitations thereof.

The argument here is that the PPM is a better way of measuring audience than the diaries and radio absolutely NEEDS new data and research to sell from. No one is buying what we've got!

It is absolute horse manure that Cuomo picks up the racism mantle for radio. Does he think he will get better coverage on news talk stations for being on radio's side?

Does he think minority groups will rally for his every cause?

Andy, go back to being a half assed politican. That's all you can do.

We as an industry still feel that radio is viable as a medium to sell advertising on. To do so we need new tools and WE NEED THE PPM!

The day we can measure actual listening the way on-line can measure its audience will be the happiest day in my life because then RADIO WILL REALIZE IT NEEDS CONTENT TO SELL.

I understand what the programming side is going through too.

Anonymous said...

What you left out of your story about shipping albums platinum was that the whole purpose of that was to impress radio and retail though it did neither. The radio guys knew it was a scam. Some lame Kansas album shipping double platinum? Sure. The record store guys saw through the ruse too. They already knew from their customers what music was hot and it had little to do with what shipped platinum or gold. I had forgotten about that era. Remember RSO Records? I still see their albums some with shrink wrap occasionally in the Morgie and Good Will. How many Sgt. Pepper soundtrack albums did they press anyway?

On your other story about People meters. I am all for it. I am not in the radio business anymore. I like to keep in touch though. Why would anyone want to stick to Arbitron diaries. I always preferred Pulse because it showed rock stations which I programmed doing the best but my bonus was based on Arbitron and that is where I had to look good.

Anonymous said...

So Gorman when did you go to work for Arbitron?

Anonymous said...

I am not sure what the HD Radio Alliance and Ibiquity is attempting to do with these endless press releases that say nothing.

My question to 'Booble' and company is how long can Ibiquity stay afloat if no further cash injections are forthcoming?

Will Ibiquity end up a division of BainCapital? Is that the intent?

Anonymous said...

"My question to 'Booble' and company is how long can Ibiquity stay afloat if no further cash injections are forthcoming?"

Wondering that myself. iNiquity is trying to raise another $15,000,000, or already has, but I think that iNiquity is trying to scam the likes of JP Morgan:

"iBiquity Digital raises yet another round to fuel HD Radio ambitions" March 28, 2008

"The Columbia, Md., company is in the process of raising a $15 million fourth round of venture capital, VentureBeat has learned... It’s not clear whether this is enough to make HD Radio appealing... The company has raised an estimated $115 million in three earlier rounds... The company declined to comment."

I would be interesting, if the broadcast indury (e.g., CCU) has stopped its cash-inflows to iNiquity.

Anonymous said...

It's already too late for radio. Even having a new improved ratings service will not save that dated medium. It's over. It's gone. Gorman, I know you would like to bring it back but it's dead, John. Maybe you and others could have brought it back had you the tools and ownership. It didn't happen. It is now too late to breathe life into that corpse known as radio.
Young people will not come back to radio. It was never and never will be part of ther lives.
My prediction if I may is that radio will over within the next two years. Not five, not ten. Satellite radio maybe has a full five until wifi or something along those lines make its delivery seamless.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope that the devil is dead.

Anonymous said...

"Satellite radio maybe has a full five until wifi or something along those lines make its delivery seamless."

"Sirius XM Radio (SIRI) trading at 47 Cents, Really?"

"The dirge is just about over for Sirius XM (SIRI). The stock has marched down so far that the market is saying there is little prospect for recovery. The company is plagued by a combination of two things it cannot escape: tremendous debt and a business which has lost most of its growth prospects... Sirius has more than $2 billion in debt. That could not be refinanced today."

SIRI has had it, too - couldn't even refinance its 2 billion of debt. So goes the possible forced inclusion of HD Radio into SISI receivers - one dead product into another.

Anonymous said...

i agree w/the last poster. radio would have to do one better than the ppm. unless a media service can provide actual raw data in real numbers and not estimates i cannot see any ad agency taking the research seriously. consider that the next generation of ad buyers are already disenfranchised with radio. radio to them is what a buick or an oldsmobile is to you.

Anonymous said...

I think it has been a while since anyone has trusted radio in any way shape or form.

Radio misled its listeners. Radio misled its clients. Radio misled their shareholders/investors.

There is nothing to trust in radio.

Radio has gone from a respected media entity to a sleazy one sided business.

Anonymous said...

I just read a report that said one million new wooden wagon wheels
have been produced. That doesn't mean one million horse drawn carriage's have been sold. Though, this could be the end of the automobile.

I also read a report that said IBiquity announces 1.5 million HD chipsets shipped.”
That doesn't mean one 1.5 million radio's have been sold either.
Though, horse drawn carriages could come equipped, standard with HD radio.

Pocket-Radio said...

Radio has fired everybody.
Radio has used up good clients and relationships.
Radio has junked up and bastardized their products.
Radio over promises and unbelievers.
Radio screws stockholders

The chickens have come home to roost.

Anonymous said...

John, I agree with your blog and support your passion to save radio. Unlike others, I think, as a 35 year old that radio, programmed and marketed correctly, can still have appeal. Radio has to respect the customer, the listener. It has not done that since deregulation in 1996. If that changes and the right minds and talents take control and make the internet part of the process, radio will have a stunning comeback. If CBS, Clear Channel, Citadel, Greater Media, Enterocm, Emmis and Radio One continue to own and run properties then radio will have no future. Sell stations to those who have the passion and desire to run them.

Anonymous said...

Imagine if you will, the PPM ACURATELY measuring the occurrence of each medium it comes in contact with. Radio AE's would have a field day clubbing the infinitesimal numbers generated by satellite radio thus shattering the myth that it (satellite radio) will (somehow) over-take terrestrial radio. Really? Please!

Who is pushing this? GM? Where are they? They better figure out how to build cars people want to buy. Isn’t Clear Channel in this? I wonder how their loan is looking today after a 700 point drop on Wall Street. It sure would suck to have a margin call. Get the resumes ready boys and girls…

Anonymous said...

I work on-air at a major market music station. It amazes me that everyone here has their heads buried in the sand about what's really happening in the world of media. At my station it's the same old, same old. The PD doesn't want to take chances or do anything innovative -- our only chance at long term survival. Nobody in the building (with the exception of the sales dept. maybe) really understands how close to radio's armageddon we really are.

It was a fun ride while it lasted.

Anonymous said...

"Nobody in the building (with the exception of the sales dept. maybe) really understands how close to radio's armageddon we really are. It was a fun ride while it lasted."

Struble - are you getting this?

Anonymous said...

Wonder how BainCapital and Thomas H. Lee feel about their Clear Channel acquisition now?

Anonymous said...

John, You hit this one bullseye. This morning there is a story in Business Week on line about ad dollars being pulled back.

This could KILL radio. No agency is going spend ad dollars on a medium that cannot guarantee actual and real time reach and frequency.

What I am saying is that it may already be too late for even an Arbitron PPM to save radio's day.

The PPM though more reliable than a diary is still an estimate whereas on line can provide the actual numbers of viewers, how long they stayed on a site, what referred them and so forth. Even the PPM cannot do that.

Face facts, radio. It will be a miracle if you survive the next five years.

I say this as a radio fan, too. You killed yourself. Too little too late and you completely wrote off on-line a decade ago. Had you not you might have bought your industry some time.

Anonymous said...

John can you or is there any one that can explain the Clear Channel-Bain Capital - Thomas H. Lee deal and how the current economic crisis will play a role into that acquisition?

I would have to believe Bain - Lee will have to unload properties like CBS and others at fire sale prices but I am not sure.

Are there any economists reading this that can shed light on this?

Anonymous said...

How many radio stations will go dark between now and the end of the year?

Anonymous said...

How about Citadel, Greater Media, Emmis, Entercom, Next Media, Cumulus, CBS Radio, Radio One, Regent, etc., etc., etc. How many of those companies will be around five years from now? Even three?
Even two? Even tomorrow?

You reap what you sow.

Anonymous said...

The RIAA still bases Gold & Platinum on units shipped. Not actual sales.

However, the labels changed the retail return policies such that it's almost impossible for a retail outlet to return units to the distributor. That has minimized the discrepancy.

You have to read the fine print, though, because they still talk about "sales."

Anonymous said...

>> How many radio stations will go dark between now and the end of the year?

A small two-station group owner in Peoria, IL pulled the plug on his FM and his AM a couple of weeks ago. He cited the fact that he was going further and further into debt the longer he operated, he couldn't see his stations, and things were only going to get worse as the reasons why he went dark. Yesterday I heard about a small group in PA thinking about shutting down all of its stations. It's really getting bad out there.

Anonymous said...

Correction: Typo in the last post, he couldn't "sell" his stations.

Anonymous said...

I think Peter Smythe really believed that HD was going to save the radio industry. I think he is a sincere man who has been buffaloed by Fred Jacobs and some of his own management. Smythe is one of the good guys. I've met him on many occasions and he is not like some of the other radio CEOs. He has made mistakes like any of us. When he wakes up to the fact that Fred Jacobs has cost him ratings and revenue maybe he will see what he could have had in some of his other markets. The success is in Detroit is due to Doug Podell. John, Doug is the John Gorman of Detroit and he is responsible for the success there not Jacobs. I just want you to know that even though Jacobs is involved in the company it is only because Peter Smythe has been led astray. Jacobs gets a paycheck from HD Alliance to work Greater Media on HD and a paycheck from Greater Media for doing nothing.

Anonymous said...

Press releases from the HD Radio Alliance are about as factually authentic as an ACORN voter registration.

Anonymous said...

Cuomo is as big of a loser as his old man. Maybe even bigger. The old man left upstate in shambles. The kid is just looking for press and favorable radio sound bites so he will kiss their ass and back their dumb anti-PPM campaign without having a clue as to why.
This isn't a racial issue and it should not have been made into one. Cuomo is the race-bater. From what I see Arbitron is going out of their way to get accurate measurements from minorities. I guess that means only white people listen to white stations, people of color to people of color stations and hispanics to spanish language stations only????? Cuomo stop embarrassing us.

Anonymous said...

"I am not sure what the HD Radio Alliance and Ibiquity is attempting to do with these endless press releases that say nothing."

Booble is blowing smoke up the investors' asses, in order to stay afloat.

Anonymous said...

The Dow dive is making those blinded by the hype see the reality. Among them how radio stocks are WORTHLESS. It didn't take the Dow to get them to penny stock status but now everyone can clearly see the ruse the radio industry played upon its investors. Too bad. I feel bad for the guys like Jeff at Emmis who should have known better but they made their own bed, are big boys and will have to deal with the realities of the worthelssness of their properties.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how the exchanges can't at least temporarily suspend delisting rules for public companies selling for under $1 per share. These are highly unusual times. Unless the rules are suspended at least for awhile, there will be an incredibly large numbers of issues taken off the boards all at once.

Anonymous said...

Citadel. It's 34 cents now. Wait until it gets down to two cents then it will be a bargain because it should be trading at four.

If David Rehr didnt already have the nickname Fumbles it would have gone to Farid.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Booble Struble - are you getting this, yet? Any thoughts, Booble?

Anonymous said...

That's life. No guarantees in the stock market. It must be noted that radio stocks were already in the shitter and under a bill before the Wall Street meltdown. We will look back at this time and take note that old media stocks served as a barometer of what was to come. I'm not shedding any tears over Farid or Jeff or anyone else connected with the radio industry. They played the same shell games on Wall Street as everyone else and should pay the consequences.
So their stations will end up going ten cents on the dollar. Tooooo bad. Just think of all the people you stepped over to have your moment of glory. The payback's a bitch ain't it?

Anonymous said...

This was in this afternoon's Media Business Report (from RBR):
Cuomo files suit against Arbitron over PPM
NY Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has filed a lawsuit in NY County Supreme Court against Arbitron, accusing it of deceptively claiming its Portable People Meter system is valid, fair, and representative of diverse radio markets. It also charges Arbitron with failing to disclose important flaws in the PPM methodology to broadcasters, advertisers, shareholders and the public. Cuomo wants Arbitron to pay restitution to minority broadcasters who have lost revenue because of PPM, and to adopt measures to fix the PPM methodology in NY.

This confirms that Andrew Cuomo is certifiable. Get the straight jacket ready. The guy is totally nuts. Anyone in radio that supports this idiot is equally crazy.

Anonymous said...

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Anyone ready to tear Booble, Rehr, Ferrera, and lie'n Diane new assholes? LMFAO! said...

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