Monday, September 28, 2009

Radio: Triton the titan

I’m a firm believer that radio’s future lies with streaming and mobile – not HD Radio.

But I must
preface that by voicing concern with Triton Media Group’s recent acquisition of Ando and Spacial, which were announced in a one-two punch just prior to the NAB Radio show convo and the RAIN Summit in Philadelphia last week.

These mergers provide Triton a vested interest in companies that control all aspects of producing revenue to on-line radio.

Triton’s backed by Oaktree Capital Management.

I’m curious how one company can legitimately provide streaming radio (either through hosting or software), sell advertising and also be an on-line ratings service.

The way I read it, these mergers provide Triton a vested interest in companies that control all factors of producing revenue to on-line radio.

That’s a lot of power and control for Mike Agovino, the CEO of Triton and following these mergers, the Capo di tutti capi of on-line radio.

Agovino’s been in the radio biz for 25 years and is a former resident of the Clear Channel-owned Katz Radio and Katz Interactive, COO of Clear Channel Radio Sales, and co-COO of Interep National Radio. Small world.

Keep in mind that those under the Triton umbrella worked out a collective deal with the Record Industry

Association of America’s SoundExchange with rates they can afford.

And this is strictly the Triton cartel we’re dealing with here. I said it in July and I’ll say it again.

Only the largest independent webcasters will survive: Accu-Radio, Radioio, Pandora, and Digital Imported/Sky FM.

SoundExchange, which is the collection arm of the RIAA takes 25 percent of webcasters’ gross revenues – not net - and their take is not limited to just what is earned on-air. If a webcaster sells merchandise, whether it’s T-shirts, coffee

cups, or hats –25 percent gross – right off the top – will go to SoundExchange/RIAA.

The big four label groupsSony/BMG, Warner Music Group, EMI, and Universal Music Group, through the RIAA will own a 25 percent equity with independent Internet radio stations that play music controlled by the RIAA.

Pay-for-play, payola and other shady deals to manipulate airplay are not illegal for Internet radio. The Big Four will be free to cut side deals – like buying blocks of time for airplay.

It’ll be the RIAA’s version of green - recycling dead presidents.

Follow the money. It always leads to more money.

Now, I’m not saying that Triton would put the lean on the right people to insure that its competitors stay – or become – obscure, so as not to be a hindrance.

But it could easily do so if it wanted to.

If that’s the ticket, the future of Internet radio in the U.S. – particularly independent stations – and start-ups yet to come could be slim to none.

Like Michael Corleone said to his brother Sonny in The Godfather, It's not personal, Sonny. It's strictly business."

If you have an edge in business, you take it. I would. You would.

I’m not sure if this falls in the category of smooth operator or shrewd operator or both. Agovino saw the opening and went for it.

I know, I know. You could say Triton’s not a monopoly. There’s TargetSpot. Okay, I said it. Let’s

move on.

While terrestrial radio wallowed in its self-inflicted misery at the NAB Radio Show in Philadelphia last week, Agovino’s Triton and the new Internet radio cartel were plotting the future.

Terrestrial radio’s streaming audio has already been screwed, blewed, and tattooed beyond recognition by the damaging deal done by David

“Fumbles” Rehr on behalf of the NAB with the RIAA. They ate Fumbles for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. And they handed terrestrial radio the tab.

But let's not worry.

Now we have Gordon Smith.

If the taxaholics at the RIAA get their way, they’ll tack on a performance fee for music broadcast on traditional AM and FM, too, which will lead to a whole lot of new news and talk formats.

Back to Triton. If I’m reading this deal the wrong way, I’d like to know – but I don’t think I am.


More 1979 interviews from Radio Music Report


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ! Gorman you are coming up with one "meet the new boss, same as the old boss" after another. So Kurt Hanson was part of the other side all the time?

Anonymous said...

He was part of HANSON mmmBOP!!!

Anonymous said...

So you are saying forget about doing any independent internet radio station?

Anonymous said...

What will happen to independent internet stations. How about the Live 365 stations?

Anonymous said...

So once again the record labels screw over the consumer. I cannot think of another industry that goes out of its way to treat its customers so poorly. Maybe if the record companies released better product at a reasonable price and did not try to penalize everyone for buying tracks instead of albums there would be a better consumer-label relationship.

Anonymous said...

I had the feeling that Kurt Hanson and other early supporters of internet radio were setting themselves up for something special. I was a little surprised at both you and Hanson for supporting the RIAA-SX deal for internet radio although as you read deeper into it you pointed out some of the problems and Hanson continued his support. What disappoints me the most is that this Mike Agvino is a former (?) Clear Channel exec and carries the same attitude as the rest of their bullies. What is next? Will Triton lobby to block foreign internet stations from being heard in the U.S.?

Anonymous said...

why dont the labels just start their own internet radio stations. they have the money, they have the content. you could have the sony channel, the universal channel and so on. it makes more sense. they could do direct promotion and marketing and even sell music on their sites. they have the money to promote and market it on music sites and in the music press, too. that way independent internet stations can find new artists and could even be a farm team and serve as a&r for the labels. it makes far more sense than the strongarm tactics the labels and the riaa currently employ. shame on kurt hanson, too. i thought he was one of the good guys too.

Anonymous said...

One "solution" I have heard to circumvent the RIAA/Sound Exchange is for internet radio stations to stream only independent artists who have agreed not to be represented by the RIAA.

A nice thought but it is a futile effort. Please hear me out.

Regardless of what you may think or want to believe people want to hear familiar music no matter how progressive or obscure they may say they are.

A station playing nothing but non-RIAA music will be playing nothing but unfamiliar music and from a severely limited pool of music.

How many artists do you think will really "boycott" the RIAA ? I have seen the most "independent" of artists change their mind when a major label hands them a contract. Do you remember the Decemberists and Liz Phair? Money talks, bs walks.

If you do a business plan that calls for all independent/no RIAA artists you will be fooling only yourself. Unless you really love the labor and want to play to yourself and three friends you will be wasting your time and money.

Anonymous said...

John, thank you for at least telling us the truth. I am very disappointed in some of the others in the blogesphere who changed horses in midstream to support the RIAA when their personal stations could afford to. I would not want to be in a foxhole with Kurt Hanson in a war.

Anonymous said...

I think you're on the money here, and possibly even too optimistic. The internet is getting locked down, on that we agree. And there will certainly be no room for small, for-profit players in Internet radio. But I'm frankly not even sure that the big players will survive under these fee structures. I'll be honest, I don't have a good handle on the current cost structure for internet since I'm out of the business now, but just based on what I've read I don't see enough left over to run a profitable business once you cut in everyone. So you say the future of radio is streaming. I think you hit closer to the mark when you predicted news and talk.

How ironic is it that this business was a cash machine 20 years ago. It's now totally ghetto-ized, and the bondholders and the recording companies are the slumlords collecting the dough.

The long-term problem with this setup is you can't get good people to kill themselves working to pay corporate debt and royalties. People will work hard for good pay. Or they'll work hard for a job they love. If you can't provide either one of those, you're a dead industry.

Anonymous said...

I agree with the poster who says it is a waste of time to do an anti-RIAA internet station.

The pool will be extremely small to choose music from.

I have heard other "indie only" non-RIAA internet stations. There are a few on line. They all suck.

If anyone is truly serious about their career they are going the customary routes.

John Gorman once said no one remembers the martyrs. He was absolutely right.

I would also wager that any act that starts out as an "antiRIAA" indie and gets 'discovered' will immediately drop his or her indie allegience.

Anonymous said...

I am not sure why you so readily dissed TargetSpot. Are they not a real player? They do handle CBS radio.

Anonymous said...

I will not use the full word here but it begins with cluster---. That explains the whole RAIN, Audio4Cast, Audio Graphics group. They were out there looking to make a quick buck by grabbing or stealing the best internet radio formats out there for themselves, incorporating them on their web sites and then lock up advertisers, cut separate deals with labels, pay Sound Exchange and leave everyone else in the lurch. So far, Gorman, you are still standing and that is a good sign. However, how soon will it be before the RIAA waves money in front of you to change your mind and will you?

Anonymous said...

I am an internet radio listener not an operator. I have been listening to streaming audio for 12- 13 years now and prefer it to terrestrial radio. My listening ranges from European hit radio to Live 365. I used to have a unit to feed internet radio to my FM radios throughout the house. Now routers handle that. I do plan to buy a stand alone internet radio too although your blog may change my plans. Will the RIAA block foreign stations from coming into the U.S. by citing copyright infringement. Capitol Radio UK no longer streams to the U.S. Will others follow that route? If my favorite internet radio stations begin shutting down and I fear many will because they are independent and not connected to major company will I end up with my iPod for sole musical comfort? is this something we can write Congress on or is it too late? Please advise us if you can in a future blog.

Anonymous said...

There goes whinin' Gorman turning on his own kind now (internet radio). F you, Gorman.

Anonymous said...

I will write my Congressman and anyone else I have to in order to protect my right to hear internet radio. If companies like Triton and TargetSpot or the RIAA and the labels try to block incoming world wide streaming radio it will be akin to the USSR jamming Voice of America and out of country newscasts. This has gone too far. The same old Clear Channel alumni characters and the major record labels attempt to censor what we see and hear just to protect their diminishing revenue. Your revenue is dropping because people are not listening to what you are playing and the labels charge far too much for music.

kdardis said...

Re: Anonymous - September 29, 2009 9:48 AM

Not sure where you are getting your information, but Audio Graphics has no "radio formats" does not own any radio stations (online or off), and has nothing to do with RAIN or Audio4Cast - except being a polite competitor in reporting online radio activity.

AG has, I'll say with pride, written about how the internet affects broadcast radio for longer than any other web site, created the highest ranked online radio portal at (through plain hard work), and established a system for independent artists to connect directly with internet radio programmers (

Audio Graphics has no stake in the sale or buying of internet radio advertising; although I was the person who first presented the concept of aggregating stations for online radio ad sales.

A trip through our archives will show you Audio Graphics' history for calling things as they are -

Please, before you bash, do your homework.

Ken Dardis

Audio Graphics, Inc.


Jim Kerr said...

Hi John,

I just wanted to clear up some things from your post and perhaps offer some clarity on Triton's role in the digital audio ecosystem.

The most important point is that Triton does not have an interest in "all aspects of producing revenue to on-line radio." We are not involved in the most important part: content creation. We do not own and have not partnered with any company that originates direct-to-consumer digital audio content. We provide tools that enable others to reach and engage with consumers, and we help them monetize their content.

As a long-time content guy, you should know that content is king, and we certainly are humble enough to know that our tools are more important than the broadcasters' content, whether web or terrestrial.

As a result, it is not appropriate to include us in discussions of RIAA negotiations or any discussion involving Sound Exchange. We simply aren't broadcasters and don't operate in that space. Some comnpanies that we provide tools to may have negotiated better deals than others that we provide tools to, but we were not involved in either case.

You question the legitimacy of providing streaming radio, selling advertising, and being an on-line radio service. Fair enough I guess, but you need to look at the underlying pieces.

How is partnering with a streaming company a competitive advantage anywhere? It's a pipeline. Our interest in working with Stream-The-World is twofold: They're simply the best, and we like working with the best, and streaming is a critical tool in digital audio, and we are a solutions provider.

We sell advertising, yes. We sell advertising for our content partners, and if they didn't like working with us they could easily go with Targetspot or Katz. We do it because we like helping our clients and selling digital is very different than selling terrestrial. It really is that simple: It's another way we can help our clients.

As to Ando, it's another "best" tool in our toolbox. The value of this tool plummets for everyone--including us--if it's data is questionable. That's why Ando is in the process of receiving MRC accreditation, something that even Arbitron has been unable to receive for the PPM outside of a couple markets.

Think of it: Ando with MRC accreditation is more credible than Arbitron's PPM. We find that an incredible opportunity for streaming operators.

I guess the most important point I want to leave you with is that Triton Digital's goal is to empower everyone. We're not in the content business, we're in the empowerment business. If we have a vested interest in anything, it's in making the digital audio space massively successful for everyone.

Jim Kerr
Triton Media

Jim Kerr said...

Composing comments in Blogger is always an adventure. Please note that when I was editing my comment I made a mistake. The context makes it clear I made a typo, but I thought I'd clarify.

This line:

"we certainly are humble enough to know that our tools are more important than the broadcasters' content, whether web or terrestrial."

Should read as:

"we certainly are humble enough to know that our tools are NOT AS important as the broadcasters' content, whether web or terrestrial."

mea culpa

Jim Kerr
Triton Media

Anonymous said...

Why is Ken Dardis bashing you? You didn't say anything bad about him?

kdardis said...

Re: Anonymous September 29, 2009 12:19 PM

Please read the post. My comment is directed at "Anonymous September 29, 2009 9:48 AM" who said: "I will not use the full word here but it begins with cluster---. That explains the whole RAIN, Audio4Cast, Audio Graphics group."

Ken Dardis

Anonymous said...

This was a very interesting blog and it got even more interesting when I began reading the comments. Has internet radio been co-opted as we used to say - already?

I carefully read the response from Jim Kerr of Triton Media. He did not really deny any of the statements you made but took issue with the fact that they are not responsible for content. I don't think you ever said that.

Please Correct me if I am wrong. I believe you said these move open the opportunity for labels to cut side perfectly legal payola pay for play deals with operators.

One hand washes the other you could say. Internet radio pays the label, the label pays some of it back and probably enough to wet Triton's beak.

Everybody wins except the listener who is stuck with whatever the labels want him or her to hear.

I have to express disappointment with Kurt Hanson of RAIN and AccuRadio especially after learning that Triton has been a backer of his.

Anonymous said...

The record labels have to love Triton. That was the perfect set up for them. They (RIAA) get their money (the artists? Good F-in luck!). The streaming audio operators pay their fee to get a kickback. Everyone is happy. This is just another take on cheap graft and corruption. Contractors do it with cities all the time. They give a nice donation to a local politician. The pol sets them up with a bank president who writes a low cost loan and they are in business. The pol makes out, the bank makes out and the contractor gets his business. The only problem is that its a lowball way to run things and in the end there is no guarantee that contractor is going to build whatever he was hired to do up to code. That does not matter either. If it isn't you hit the taxpayers up for more money to make the necessary repairs. Gorman, you live in Cleveland and Boston, two of the most corrupt cities in America. You know how it works. Agovino found a way to do it and make an end run around the law by setting this deal up between the labels and radio. Everyone makes out except the listener who gets short changed by pay for play programming. I know Agovino and Triton don't care who listens. I don't think most internet stations who subscribe to this graft will either. As long as everyone is making money the old fashioned way.

Anonymous said...

Would Triton come clean and reveal how many internet radio sites they have a financial stake in?

Anonymous said...

Now I see why Kurt Hanson took Gorman Media's URL off of his page.

Anonymous said...

i noticed that, too. kurt just put his new rain up. no mention of gorman's blog or comments. and did you notice that his rain blog is brought to us by triton. he ought to rename rain to triton propaganda. i did not realize that hanson had removed the link to gorman's blog. i subscribe so i am updated that way. he kept lee abrams blog up and he has not had a new entry is well over a year so hanson's move to dump gorman appears to be motivated by his questioning of the deal the handful of triton-backed webcasters made with the riaa. the more you learn the more you realize how interconnected the same group of people always seem to be. i used to be a big fan of kurt hanson. i honestly believed he cared about the small indie webcaster as well as the majors. he used to elude to a level playing field. that is one of the many elements of rain that changed. i hope kurt makes a lot of money with accu radio. i begrudge him nothing. i would have liked it if he had been a little more upfront with us. money doesn't talk it swears.

Jim Kerr said...

To answer some specific questions above:

Triton has had zero contact with the RIAA or any record label about digital content. It would make no sense for them to deal with us, as we don't have any influence on content. It would be like a label contacting RCS Selector to try to influence KROQ's airplay. It just makes no sense.

Accuradio is a client of ours. So is CBS. So is Entercom. So are a ton of mom & pop webcasters across the globe. We don't "back" Accuradio or Kurt Hanson. We offer his services to commercial broadcasters as a partner. I'm curious why you would be disappointed in Kurt for running a business or us in representing him.

To "come clean:" we don't own or have an investment in any "internet radio site." Even with Accuradio, our partnership is based on a business-to-business model and creating new channels for existing broadcasters. Again, to be perfectly clear: We are not in the broadcast or direct-to-consumer business. We provide tools for others to achieve this.

As to our sponsorship of RAIN and Kurt's site: We also advertise on, Inside Radio, and practically every other radio trade site. That's because we are a business, and we advertise.

Jim Kerr
Triton Media

Anonymous said...

This is fascinating stuff.

The good news is that internet radio/streaming audio is becoming a force and influence to be dealt with. The bad news is that some of the "same old names and faces" are involved in new media.

First, Gorman. He does not NOT defend Triton if you read his blog carefully. In fact he eludes that he would jump at the opportunity for this kind of control too. With Gorman you are never quite sure where he places his line between satire and opinion. Maybe that is why I like reading him.

Second, Triton. Triton says it is simply the vehicle - not the passenger. They supply the car, the driver picks the road to travel on - or in this case the content Triton streams, sells and rates itself (that one is still hard to swallow!).

Gorman called the streamed stations Triton has "the cartel". I think that is his point. All of the stations Triton streams signed off on that streaming royalty agreement with SoundExchange. Was this a group decision as he eludes to or did all of them from Pandora to Radioio "just happen" to come to an agreement with SoundExchange at the same moment.

Is that mere coincidence or mere collusion? Did Triton bring everyone to the table?

There are too many loose ends to the story. Still.

Last week I glanced through an Inside Radio print out and read something about Triton where someone called the Triton-Ando-Spacial mergers "like Clear Channel buying Arbitron." I have to agree. Triton on top of everything else is in the internet radio ratings business too? That reeks of conflict of interest.

Anonymous said...

"here goes whinin' Gorman turning on his own kind now (internet radio). F you, Gorman."

At least have the balls to say FUCK!!! Afraid of FCC sanctions are you?

OMG! Bunnies! said...

Point of order. Mike Agovino is the COO of Triton. I'm pretty sure Neal Shore is CEO.

You could have figured that out by simply going to the Triton website but I'm sure you were to busy getting all excited to expound on something you really don't understand.

I do like the visual of Triton being somehow "Godfather"-esque but sorry to disappoint you.

I hear they take a blood oath before you can work there and those I have met who do bleed Triton Blue. But it's merely a pin prick on the finger so it's really not that bad.

Come on John you know what a prick is right?

Why do I feel you are a Boston Red Sox fan because Triton is obviously your NY Yankees.

I'm sorry you don't feel relevant in your industry anymore.Bitter old man doesn't suit you too well. I got out long ago so maybe you should too.

I'm glad to see that the elderly know how to use the interwebz. Hey friend me on Facebook John!

Anonymous said...

Ah well. I guess at a certain point the peanut gallery gets out of school, goes on line and the profanity and the rank outs begin.

I'll try to maintain my composure as an adult.

I have been listening to internet radio since 1998. I bought an Akoo so I could hear internet radio on radios in my home and yard.

It opened up an exciting world to me and actually influenced some European vacations. I had to see the cities of the stations I was listening to.

My music taste is varied and I also enjoy listening to world news. It still surprises me how many English language hits are played in non-English speaking countries to this day.

What I hope is that being able to listen to world radio is not taken away by companies like Triton or organizations like the RIAA on claims that it violates copyright laws or for some other inane reason.

If the gentleman from Triton who has maintained class and dignity through this all could respond to this I would appreciate it. I would like to know if I will be able to continue listening to overseas radio on line. Thank you.

Jim Kerr said...

Okay, this is the last time I'll say this, and I'll be as direct as possible:

Triton has had absolutely nothing to do with any negotiation with the RIAA or Sound Exchange. We haven't facilitated for terrestrial broadcasters. We haven't facilitated for pureplay webcasters.

I will also say this: It is untrue to say that "All of the stations Triton streams signed off on that streaming royalty agreement with SoundExchange." That would be impossible, as we stream all sizes of broadcasters, including hundreds of small webcasters via Spacial Audio.

Jim Kerr
Triton Media

Jim Kerr said...

re. overseas listening

I'm afraid I can't answer your question as I honestly don't know the answer. We simply aren't involved. It sounds like an international rights issue, which is generally a discussion between broadcasters and international intellectual property organizations like the RIAA, ARIA, and others.

If anyone "turns off" international radio, it will most likely be due to licensing agreements (or the lack thereof) and conflicts with instruments like Sound Exchange.

Jim Kerr
Triton Media

Still believe in radio said...

To John Gorman: Thank you for coming up with an interesting topic.

To Jim Kerr: Thank you for your explanation. In this day and age it is so rare for someone from "the other side" to respond.

This is the kind of exchange we should be seeing in the regular radio-internet trades and don't.

I appreciate the fact that all sides weighed in (we could do without that "peanut gallery" tho) and I feel I learned a lot about commercial internet radio and streaming audio broadcasting.

Please keep these lively forums going.

Anonymous said...

I cannot say I am surprised. It took a good decade or so for internet radio to become established. Now that it has the corporations move in. It is neither a good nor bad development. That is the way of the world. Whether it be satellite dishes or Internet radio/TV, eventually the new medium becomes established, tamed and legitimized.

I will be disappointed if we see a move to restrict world radio broadcasts or Triton tries to squash independent internet stations with its monopoly on sales and provision.

This is where consumers must stay aware. There are two ways internet radio could go. A Clear Channel route or an open route.

Anonymous said...

I'm sorry. I look at this as another opportunity lost. What is left of the internet is being taken over by the same clowns that ruined other forms of communication. I guess it is to be expected.

Is Europe and Asia going through the same thing? Some of the internet radio stations there and even the ones that are terrestrial that also stream appear to have far more freedom in music selection than we do in the USA.

Anonymous said...

why hasnt anyone brought up the cozy relationship that jennifer lane & kurt hanson have going?

Anonymous said...

I am now convinced the radio business is populated with hypocrites and liars. Take Jim Kerr of Triton Media. A few weeks ago he replied to something you wrote about Triton in your blog claiming that his company was not and would not be in the content business. So what do you call Triton buying Jelli? Are they not a content provider? Wonder what Mr. Kerr has to say about this?

Jim Kerr said...

re. Jelli

There are a couple of misconceptions here.

One: We did not buy Jelli. Jelli is an angel-funded start-up in San Francisco that we are partnering with. In addition, it is a platform that radio can use to empower themselves on the radio and the web.

Two: This is not use getting into the content business. Are they a content play by us? I guess, but in the same way that we provide 24/7 formats to radio as a service. Which is to say, only in a way that helps radio.

When I say Triton is not in the content business, I mean that we are not in the direct-to-consumer content business. I thought I was clear about that. Jelli is a service that radio broadcasters can utilize to connect with consumers. We are not selling it to consumers, we are selling it to radio so they can do that.

Jim Kerr
Triton Media

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