Monday, March 17, 2008

Why HD Radio is NOT the future

Who needs HD when you have Internet radio - or as its users in the States prefer to call it - streaming? The future is overseas and it's only a matter of time before it arrives here.

How it's being marketed:

....and how to hack Sony to get full Internet radio service beyond Shoutcast:

Peter "Sgt. Bilk-o" Ferrara....have a happy St. Patty's day.

Listen to streaming Internet radio from Ireland.


Anonymous said...

I have not been back to Ireland in almost thirty years. This is the first time I have listened to Irish radio since being there. It used to be very primitive and limited. Now their stations beat ours by a mile. I'm blastin' it in me office right now.

backnfort said...

Dublin radio alone has more variety than most U.S. stations. When Ireland first "commercialized" its stations they were poor imitations of U.S. stations w/some even using our playlists (must have been the consultants). Now for the most part it has found its own way. I find it refreshing to hear so many LIVE ANNOUNCERS on the air during the day and evening.

Anonymous said...

John, your blog always gets me thinking. Today it occurs to me that HD Radio, and radio in general, is a perfect reflection of the new American dream. The fact is we don’t like to produce things anymore in this country. We don’t want to build a better mousetrap or create a successful business. Our new dream is to just leach a piece of someone else’s hard work. In finance, it’s transaction fees. In manufacturing, it’s outsourcing. In radio, it’s the rise of syndication. Etc., etc., etc.

And you see it beautifully clearly in HD radio. Ibiquity has built a perfect technology for its intended purpose. It will get ibiquity a transaction fee from everyone who broadcasts or listens to HD radio. It’s the new American dream – money for nothing. The only fly in the ointment, of course, is that no one wants to be on either end of the transaction any more. Not listeners and certainly not broadcasters, who don’t want to do the hard work of audience building.

But are the HD Radio hucksters any worse than anyone else in our society today who’s busy pursuing the new American dream?

Jan said...

John, Thank you. I listen to streaming at work every day. I like the variety and choice which is something I cannot get from my AM and FM station. I have heard XM and Sirius and prefer internet radio to both of them. I like that I can listen worldwide or hear independent radio programmers offering music and information I would not hear otherwise.

Anonymous said...

Europe is wayyyy ahead of us on internet radio/streaming just as they were way ahead of us with most other new tech products. The lairs of bureaucracy that exist in our government (so much for 'less government') holds this country back. How can a number of independent, multi-lingual countries and people work out their problems while the U.S. is stuck in the mud and its internet radio held back by greedy record label conglomorates.

Anonymous said...

One thing to consider is that the royalty for streaming in Europe is much lower than it is in the US. Most foreign streamers have blocked their US feed because of the high royalty rate. Those royalties are killing non-corporate US streamers. Soon, the people you hate on terrestrial radio will be the only people who can afford to stream on the internet.

Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino said...

Radio is radio. Radio is not the internet. Nor need it be. Books aren't the internet. Many things aren't the internet, yet their popularity holds.

HD jams. Listeners saw through BigRadio's jamming ploy and rejected HD.

"Radio is going digital - get over it", crowed the fat braggarts who turned the formerly wonderful radio industry into a puddle of penny stock sewer pickles.

Best laid plans. Wouldn't it be more accurate to state, HD is going nowhere - get over it"?

Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasota Key, Florida
19 March, 2008

"It must be so hard
when a picture flops."
- Aunt Constance, Lady Trentham
"Gosford Park", c. 2002
Robert Altman & Bob Balaban

Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino said...

Agree with above comments re HD accurately reflecting our society. HD is a jamming system which shakes down manufacturers and stations and jams listeners into submission.

And why not? Aren't our chief industries todaye courtroom shakedowns, otherwise known as Judicial Terrorism and predatory business tactics practiced by the sons and grandsons of Evelyn Waugh's 'Hollow Men of the 1930's', who 'know the cost of everything and the value of nothing?

HD is finished.

Dr. Paul Vincent Zecchino
Manasota Key, Florida
19 March, 2008

spider said...

Slightly off topic, what's that excellent song in the Nokia Internet Radio ad?

San Francisco

Anonymous said...

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