Tuesday, July 3, 2007

HD Radiosophomoric

Just in case you haven’t heard. There’s never been a better time to own your own HD Radio than right now!

Radiosophy – (no, I don’t know nor have a clue on how to pronounce it) – a world leader in HD Radio manufacturing - has an exciting new offer – but you must take advantage of it now!

How about a brand new state-of-the-art HD Radio for only $59.95? Yes! This is not a misprint! Only $59.95 – after rebate!

Why pay up to $300 or more for an HD Radio when Radiosophy is literally giving them away at $59.95 – after rebate?

Unlike those earlier insipid HD Radio models from Panasonic, Polk, Sanyo, and Boston Acoustics – this one is a real winner. Just check out its fashionable boom box style. W-O-W! Wow!

The Radiosophy HD-100 looks and feels just like the latest terrestrial model radios from such notable manufacturers as GPX, BrokSonic, Changhong, and Anlip! You’ll be the envy of your family and friends when they learn that your HD Radio gets more stations than their so-over AM-FM only models!

Just like an iPhone – you can take your HD Radio anywhereprovided you have a long-enough extension cord. Think of the money you’ll save on batteries!

The new Radiosophy HD-100 even includes an antenna!

How about this…the Radiosophy HD-100 even doubles as an alarm clock! Who could ever think of asking for more?

Hear HD Radio is true stereo – by purchasing an extra speaker from Radiosophy! It’s that easy!

Don’t want to wake the neighbors? The Radiosophy HD Radio even comes with a headphone jack!

You’ll be able to pick up all those new radio stations exclusive to HD Radio listeners only. Hear the best in pre-recorded, pre-fabricated music of all genres, subject, of course, to their availability in your area.

Want to know the name of that song? No problem. The Radiosophy HD-100 display screen identifies artists and song titles! It even indicates the availability of HD Radio side channels! It’s the ultimate technological miracle!

Radiosophy calls HD Radio – "Radio for the 21st Century!"

Hurry! This exciting offer ends this Tuesday, the 11th. After that, you’ll have to pay full-price - $99.95 - for your own, personal HD-100 Radio from Radiosophy.

Hurry! Just last weekend alone 500,000 iPhones were sold for over $500 apiece! You can only imagine how many HD Radios will be sold by Radiosophy this weekend with that amazing once-in-a-lifetime price of $59.95 – after rebate!

Don't believe the iPhones hype! Some of the biggest radio chains in America - like Clear Channel - are behind HD Radio. Clear Channel Executive Vice President Jeff Littlejohn said of the iPhone: "It's not a competitive threat!"

These HD Radios from Radiosophy will be flying off the shelves. Get yours before this offer ends.

We’re so excited about this offer – we’re giving them free publicity. We’ll even give you their exclusive link: http://www.radiosophy.com/.

Be the first on your block, your city – or even your state – to own an HD Radio of your very own. Tell ‘em G-Man sent you.


PocketRadio said...

Another hilarious HD Radio article - thanks !


Anonymous said...

Whoever is running the HD radio campaign should never work in this business again. It was a hideous roll out, poorly promoted and a product that doesn't work. Thank you for being one of the few radio consultants not to buy into their crap.

Anonymous said...

Funniest story I read on HD radio. What a scam.

Anonymous said...

HD radio has its share of start-up issues and this article pokes fun at them. But what is Mr. Gorman suggesting; that we go back to the day of cart machines with auto-azimuth correction? It’s a digital world, folks.

HD radio is here to stay and with the big companies investing tons o' money, this will not go the way of AM stereo. (Actually, it HD brings it back)

People tend to forget that FM's beginnings were more than just haphazard and it wasn't until the FCC demanded separate programming AND that all car radios manufactured after 1973 to be equipped with the new frequency that the industry got it together. (In 1972, FM in the car stunk, period.)

Broadcasters learned their lesson with AM stereo. With the FCC taking a back seat and the industry putting in a half-hearted effort, the technology died. The FCC isn’t forcing the HD issue for radio, nor should it, so the industry is going push it forward. This isn’t about clean audio (although a nice stab at satellite), it’s about more channels for more commercials. As a listener, now is the time to invest in that $60 HD radio and hear the various formats tested and tried in different markets.

Again, I’m not inferring that HD radio doesn’t have its share of problems – believe me, it has plenty. I own three HD radios and the technology is not ready for Joe and Mary Average looking to buy a radio. But Clear Channel, CBS and Cox will be but a few who will move forward in making the technology more palatable and companies like Radiosophy (there’s a hyphen in there somewhere) will continue to push to make more affordable HD receivers.

It may be beyond my lifetime that radio’s analog signals disappear, but someday they will. You may not like the new way, but no one ever goes backwards.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

"It’s a digital world, folks..."

DAB has stalled in Canada and consumer interest in th UK is slowing - there is zero consumer interest in HD Radio in the US. This is nothing but "digital radio" hype analog is not broken, don't try an fix a nonproblem.

"HD radio is here to stay and with the big companies investing tons o' money, this will not go the way of AM stereo. (Actually, it HD brings it back)"

“4/4/07 - FCC: Market to Decide Fate of HD Radio”


It is up to the marketplace/consumers to determine the fate of HD Radio. This is not 1972, buddy - competition to terrestrial radio is overwhelming.

"It may be beyond my lifetime that radio’s analog signals disappear, but someday they will. You may not like the new way, but no one ever goes backwards."

Will never happen.